A downloadable game for Windows

Roomba Rumble is a game made for hackBCA (https://hackbca.com/whatis/)

Collect trash and defeat your enemies! Pick up dust particles on the ground and store them at your base to gain points for your team! Don't get popped by the enemy team!

Controls: W and S to move forward and back. A and D to pivot. Press spacebar to dash once you have 3 dust collected.

Game is still a work in progress :)

Developed by Ryan and Sarah


RoombaRumble.zip 37 MB


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Hi nice game, had some fun with it. 

since you sad it's a work in progress here some augestions ( sorry for bad englich / not native ) 

1 ) Add a calender / play times

for the next 14 Days where players can click at a time and let the next player know when other players whoud check in if the server had a other player, or set up play times to make it easyer to find another player. With the game not realy being a AAA game, matsh time can get up to days or never, and even a light verison for saying when in the next 14 days some one cheks in whoud help. No need for having more than a 1 for each plaer to the time . 

2) Computer opponents

when you Programm 3 simpke programms and have a % check ever 10 sec it shoud be not to massive to progranm. 

a) go to next dust, then go to next dust, ..... 

b) go to next balloon of enemy color

c) at x dust go back to dropoff

with 100% in ( a+b )in 10% incements for then player to choose and a check all 10 sec what behavior it is / and a number for c that when hase primary on the next 10 sec check.

with a slider between a and b and a number to put in for c players whous be abel to set up the own conditions and with up to 3 comps per side the 10 sec random number whoud create some chaos so the player whoud have a new situation eath time.